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About the Author: Growing Up With Cedar Knoll

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Hello Friends:

Welcome to Cedar Knoll Builders new blog page! Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nicole Campbell and I have been given the pleasure of sharing with you the story of Cedar Knoll builders as a company, as your local builder, and as your friends. Since the Spring of 2010 I have been working as Marketing Director for the company. Although my professional career with the company has not been that extensive, my life experience, quite a bit more. The daughter of owner Brian Campbell, I’ve had the opportunity to work and grow with the company, sharing the joys of not just my coworkers but of people that I consider family. Sharing the same birth year, Cedar Knoll Builders was founded in 1986 with our first community Ridgewood breaking ground that same year. For starters, in 1996 my family made the decision to renovate our farmhouse into the home of my parent’s dreams. At ten years of age, I cannot even begin to share the joy I experienced working along side the crew members, getting to lay stone and mix cement. Little me had a hand in the building process of our very own home! Jump ahead a few years and I am in high school mowing lawns with my sisters during summer break. Three lanky high school girls and our good friend and chauffeur Larry Davis cruised down the highway in our favorite forest green Chevy pick-up truck, radio blasting a mix of jazz and country. We still share laughs remembering the many stares as passerbys watched as we bumped along on our Grasshopper Motors, grass and rocks flying as the weight of our bodies barely kept the motor running. I can distinctly remember two communities, London Bridge and Twin Ponds, so to the residents of these communities, for this reason alone you reside in my favorite two Chester County Communities.

Now a graduate from Messiah College I would like to share with you our story with the hopes that this New Year will mark the start of new friendships and lasting partnerships as we continue to build lifetime homes in neighborhoods that last. Like every family, we each offer something unique and special to the unit. At Cedar Knoll Builders we are family. We hope with this blog you will get a chance to become our family and share in the joys of being a part of our Cedar Knoll Builders Team. It has been a joy to serve you. May the New Year bring health, happiness, and love to you all.

Nicole Campbell