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Blooming Orchids Extravaganza

Categories: Events | Posted: February 4, 2011

Temperatures dipping down to the single digits, snowstorms dumping 15″ in one night, icicles hanging from rooftops, and yes, I’ll say it, forty-four more days of winter before us! For some of us, the first day of spring can’t come soon enough! Well how about a little taste of spring in the dead of winter to get you through? Located only minutes away you’ll find 20 rooms where Spring has never left! Longwood Gardens in Kennett PA is holding their annual Orchid Extravaganza from January 22nd – March 27th….right now! Come stretch your legs and breathe in the inviting fragrance of blooming orchids in all different colors and sizes. Showcasing the best collectors and growers from Hawaii to South America you’ll witness the spectacular designs experts from around the world are putting together. They’ve designed 20 beautiful rooms just for your amazement. You won’t want to leave the warmth and beauty!