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September Home Of The Month, The Tannon

Categories: Quick Delivery Homes | Posted: September 22, 2011

September 22nd and already it’s the first day of fall! Is anyone asking themselves where our summer went?! Although Fall is by far my favorite season of the year, this year I find myself reluctant to say fair well to the Summer. On this rainy first day of Fall I felt compelled to kick off a new series of blog posts where I would like to list my favorite home of the month! With seven communities to choose from, this is where I’ll post my favorite choice of home on the market. I apologize in advance if my descriptions may be brief and lacking in detail but please remember you can find all of the needed information through the appropriate site agent. That being said, the pick of the month is The Tannon located in Honeycroft Village. For starters I love the location of this beautiful home. Settled amidst beautiful Chester County farmlands, this home always captures my attention when in passing. As far as amenities go I believe this home speaks for itself, with two bedrooms, two baths, morning room, second story open loft, oak hardwood flooring, stainless steel appliances, cozy gas fireplace, composite deck, stone cottage front, and finished basement you’ll see why this home has caught the eye of many. More importantly, however, I find the location one of a kind. The Tannon is located within the Octorara School District, home of the braves, and only five miles from one of my favorite places, Twin Brooke Winery. For the outdoor lovers like myself, I recommend a visit to Cochranville’s newest addition to the area Wolf’s Hollow County Park, only one mile from renowned Moccasin Run Golf Course. Like many, when speaking about some of my favorite things, I could talk your ear off or in this case write a book, so I will bid you adieu until next time. Or as my good friend Victoria would say in Italian, Arrivederci….or see you later!

FALL In Love With Chester County This Fall

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The phrase, ‘there is no place like home’ I’ve never felt more warmly too than during the beautiful months of Fall. I’ve been to the West and back and I’ve seen many beautiful fall landscapes along the way but none so beautiful as the changing season of Fall in Chester County Pennsylvania. On this first day of Fall, I felt it appropriate to share something I had written in a journal around this time last fall. Described in simple wording, this is my vision of fall in my hometown of Chester County Pennsylvania. Hope you enjoy!

Autumn: Homemade apple pie. Crisp morning air. Flannel shirts for every occasion. Crackling campfires and roasted marshmallows. Firelight. Thanksgiving dinner and Grandmom’s famous carrot recipe. Family football games. Long walks and rubber boots. Busy birds outside my window. Pumpkin carving and funny faces. Warm slippers. Sleepy cat on my lap. Rocking chairs and crochet blankets. Apple harvest and home-made cider. Fifty jars of grape jelly followed by fifty jars of homemade apple sauce. Leaves in red, gold, and orange. Color everywhere. Scrabble games and silly words. Back to school and bright yellow buses. Girls halloween weekend and Jurassic Park. Cabin weekend and “no girls allowed.” Stunning sunsets and sunflower seeds. Geese flying overhead in perfect v’s. Soccer games and big sweatshirts. Bright yellow finches and morning doves on fences. A trip to Jackson. Old friends and warm memories. Aspen trees in all their splendor. Kayaks on clear water. Being able to see your breathe. A memorable poem. A good read. Neil Young and back-country roads. NFL Sundays and afternoon naps. Pennsylvania Turnpike and mountain escapes. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail. Salvation Army and warm granny sweaters. Acorns wearing hats and the sound of leaves crunching under foot. Starbuck’s Caramel Macchiatos and great conversation. Laughter. Change. Time Passing. A triangle life of work, love, and family; followed by joy. 9/23/10 N.L.C.

Community Yard Sale At Honeycroft Village

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Join residents this Saturday, September 3rd for a community yard sale event!! Meet your neighbors and the residents of Honeycroft Village as this wonderful community hosts a yard sale from 8:30-11:30 a.m. Browse through children’s toys, clothing, furniture, and home goods while you enjoy shopping and a free breakfast on us! Coffee and donuts will be served in the model homes, The Wisteria & The Linden. Enjoy the holiday weekend with a little yard sale shopping as you get to share community and fellowship at Honeycroft Village Community. We’d love to see you there tomorrow!