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6 Reasons For Active Adult Living

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: January 31, 2012

Given that the average lifespan for Americans is 78, in no way does this imply that life after retirement means racking up countless hours rocking out in a rocking chair. We are active beings! We want to stay active enjoying traveling vacations, sports entertainment, social activities, and other pursuits that perhaps your busy schedules didn’t previously permit. Take my mom for instance, this past weekend I practically had to convince her that fact and statistics place her in the “Baby Boomers” category; she was convinced that because of her active lifestyle she should be in the “X Generation.” As a “Baby Boomer” this doesn’t mean she’s any less active as an individual, she still rides horseback, gardens in the summer, and enjoys her many walks. Believe me my mom won’t be slowing down anytime soon that’s for sure! That is why, here at Cedar Knoll Builders we are strong advocates of our Active Adult Lifestyle Community, Honeycroft Village located in Chester County Pennsylvania. If you are not familiar with Honeycroft Village or even familiar with the phrase Active Adult Living, I’ve put together 6 reasons for living in our Active Adult Community, Honeycroft Village.

Reason #1 – Your Happiness. It’s not enough just to build a beautiful Active Adult Community, with fitness room, indoor pool and spa, and walking trails. These things will indeed occupy your time, but they won’t necessarily bring you happiness. The real beauty and happiness found comes when you get to share these activities with your spouse, friends, and family. Join our book club, attend Happy Hour, fitness classes, or Potluck Socials. All of these can be found in Honeycroft Village, Active Adult Lifestyle Community and they will bring you lots of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Reason #2 – For Your Health. If all I did was exercise I still wouldn’t consider myself as having ‘good health and well being’. Healthy living encompasses daily exercises, a healthy diet, AND a healthy social life. Physical activities ranging in different levels of exertion are important, but it is also important to recognize and have the opportunity to participate together with like-minded boomers in Active Adult Lifestyle things such as hobbies, crafts, or cards. All of these will bring enjoyment and may add years to your life.

Reason #3 – Find New Friends. Many folks choose to purchase or lease in our Honeycroft Village Active Adult Community because it is located no more than 600 miles from where they raised their family, or maybe their family is close to their new home. Whatever the reasons, friendships developed during most of their life prior to coming to Honeycroft Village seem impossible to ever replace, but once in an Active Adult Community, many find that new friends come easier than expected, mostly because people are just that, active.

Reason #4 – New Beginnings. Probably my favorite reason because I am a huge fan of new beginnings, Honeycroft Village, Active Adult Community gives you the unique opportunity to meet folks in your general age range right where you live. If you have been predeceased by your spouse or soul mate, or maybe found yourself as a casualty of a divorce, new beginnings are sometimes what you need. Honeycroft Village Active Adult Community, we found, can be that place for you. It may even give you a whole new take on life, a new beginning, a bran new start!

Reason #5 – So You Can Keep on Going! For some to retire is to die! Old habits die hard, and for some an abrupt transition from years of work to future years of retirement living can be a real challenge. At Honeycroft Village Active Adult Community we say that’s ok! It’s perfectly acceptable to continue working; work is good! Be it part-time or full time. You don’t have to be retired to live in and enjoy Honeycroft Village Active Adult Lifestyle Community.

Reason #6 – Finally a Time for YOU! You have invested time, money, and effort into achieving your life dreams. Now it’s time for a little YOU time. For many, your entire life may have been focused on a life of service, be it the family you raised and/or your career. Have you placed any life desires on the back burner? Maybe you’ve been waiting to try your hand at a little oil painting, or more time on the golf course with some friends, or volunteer at a local charitable event. Whatever the desire, isn’t it about time for a little YOU time? We think so. Enjoy life getting to do the things you’ve wanted to while at Honeycroft Village Active Adult Lifestyle Community.