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New Homes & The Customer Service You Deserve…

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: February 20, 2012

I’ve been told, and I’ll openly admit that I’m a hopeless romantic! Sincere gestures, direct conversation, and even snail mail are not lost on me. Luckily for me, I get to experience these beautiful, genuine modes of communication day in and day out in my daily workday 7-5 Monday through Friday. I tell you, on my side of things, genuine customer service is not dead! After all, when building a home, shouldn’t this journey begin with nothing but sincerity?! Always encouraged with a good story, I thought to share this one brought to my attention just last week. May it be a nice reminder to us all that we stand for something good and true and real. In our local Lincoln University New Home Community, Wheatland Farms our flooring partners Dunn’s Floor Covering delivered an unforgettable moment to one of our soon-to-be homeowners. While on site, Father & Son decided to stop by their home in the works just for the enjoyment of taking in the building process of their future home. The crew from Dunn’s Floor Covering,  seeing this special moment offered to have them sign the backside of one of the floorboards. After they had joyfully signed their names they helped fixed the board into place. Father and Son showed up not expecting any special treatment but were met with genuine craftsmanship and heart. Soon they will take those exciting first steps in their new home and I can only imagine the smiles shared as they cross over their signed floorboard displaying their very own names, marking the start of a new life journey. For the hopeless romantic that I am, this is what customer service is all about…