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Money for your New Home

Categories: Events | Posted: July 23, 2012

Free money is a great thing right?! It’s always a great day when you find $20 bucks stuffed in your pocket that you didn’t know you had! Well imagine finding $30,000 stuffed into your pocket! Spending money you can really use! Now until September 30th Cedar Knoll is stuffing your pockets with $30,000 in free money used towards the purchase of your new Cedar Knoll Builder’s home. Our summer incentive won’t last forever, in fact, try only two more months, so hurry and use your $30,000 now towards the purchase of your dream home, or you might as well throw that money out, but who throws out $20 bucks when found? Why throw $30,000 away?!

Stop over for a visit and collect your $30,000 today! Visit Honeycroft Village 2000 Gap-Newport Pike Cochranville, PA 19330 between the hours 1-4 pm Tuesday-Sunday or visit our 299 Mill House Drive Lincoln University Wheatland Farms Community open Monday through Friday 12-4 or Saturday & Sunday 11-5 Closed Wednesdays. Speak with our sales representatives today to collect your $30,000 in free money*

*$30,000 summer incentive expires September 30th 2012. Offer only available at our Wheatland Farms and Honeycroft Village Communities. Offer not valid on Townhome Purchases. Only valid towards new build homes and options. Not valid on base price.

New 2013 Gold Series Homes Just Released!

Categories: Uncategorized | Posted: July 6, 2012

This July, Cedar Knoll Builders is proud to introduce a new collection of homes designed and suited for smaller budgets. This line of homes, dedicated as our Gold Series is a collection of three homes, all with exquisite craftsmanship, esthetic integrity, and smart construction. We know it’s tough out there in the housing market so we’d like to introduce the Gold Series as a means to help all of you who have stood behind us these many years. Change is difficult, but as you’ll read, good and even great change can be accomplished despite the many challenges often thrown our way. With that being said, we bring you The Madison, The Carson, & The Edison, behind three great names stands three great homes…

The Madison: Fourth President of the United States, American statesman, and political theorist, James Madison, was born in Virginia in 1751. “Father of the Constitution” and key champion and author for our United States Bill of Rights, Madison, after the Revolutionary War, fought to rewrite the social compact and redefine the relationship among the states, the national government, and it’s very people. Madison once wrote, “a crisis had arrived which was to decide whether the American experiment was to be a blessing to the world, or to blast for ever the hopes which the republican cause had inspired.” A man of action and great accomplishments, Madison inspires boldness and creativity in all of us. We name our Gold Ribbon Series 2,064 sq. ft. home, The Madison, in honor of someone who represents a strong devotion to change despite the many challenges that present itself along the way.

The Carson: Born in Springdale, Pennsylvania in 1907, Rachel Carson, writer, scientist, and ecologist has been selected for our Gold Ribbon Series. Carson’s life-long love of nature and the living world, evident most in her influential writings and accomplishments, first inspired the way we view the natural world and our environment. Through beautiful prose and political action, Carson inspired change. Her works challenged the practices of agricultural scientists and the government, encouraging the world to view our natural world in a different light. Perhaps most known as the godmother of the environmental movement, her writings and witness to the beauty and integrity of life continues to inspire new generations to protect the living world and all the creatures in it. Proudly we name our model of change, The Carson, in honor of such a great leader in the world of change brought on with integrity.

The Edison: Thomas Edison, American businessman and inventor once wrote “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” The wizard of invention, Thomas Edison developed many devices that greatly influenced life in America and around the world. Through Edison’s great example and fearless determination, we name our Gold Ribbon Series 3,222 sq. ft. home, The Edison. While change is difficult and uncertain, Edison has demonstrated that all of life is an experiment, and the more experiments you make, the better. ‘This time, like all times, is a very good time, if we but know what to do with the time given.’ Proudly we name our model of change, The Edison, in honor of such an influential leader when it comes to boldly envisioning change.

For more information on our new Gold Series, please visit the Wheatland Farms Community Pages  and click to view Gold Series on our website. Thanks for reading!