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Why One Family Chose Cedar Knoll Builders

Categories: Custom Home | Posted: August 24, 2017

When you have made the giant decision to build a new home, there are so many elements that come into play. For the Ward Family, trustworthiness was one of the key players in their decision to work with Cedar Knoll Builders in bringing their dream home to life. Here’s what they had to share:

Choosing someone to build your house is a big decision for some. For us there was no question about whom we would choose. The most important quality about a builder is trustworthiness, and when the leader of a company has your full trust, you know that those under him are worthy of respect. Knowing a company follows Christian standards and has the same beliefs as you do is something that is not commonly found and makes a world of difference. Being able to trust that those individuals who are helping you along every step of the building process is of utmost importance. Every person at Cedar Knoll has been incredibly kind and lived up to the great expectation of trust we began this process with. We were helped to stay within budget while being guided into creating our dream home! From the planning to the decorating details, Cedar Knoll has made our dreams of building a house become a reality!” – The Ward Family

We are honored to work with Eric and Kara Ward on their new custom home. With anticipation and excitement, Christian Campbell, Custom Homes Manager snapped a photo on ground breaking day of this lovely family. To read more stories, please read our testimonials page.