Lancaster County Country Living Starting in the $220's

Categories: Quick Delivery Homes | Posted: January 5, 2011

Perhaps you’ve dreamed of living in the town of Quarryville, and who could blame you? Painted amidst the beautiful farms of Lancaster County Amish culture, the town of Quarryville is located at the heart of every artist’s dream landscape, speaking from an artist! With a strong industrial foundation and thriving community, this town is rich in Pennsylvania Dutch culture and heritage. Located in the center of town, Quarry Ridge allows you and your family to enjoy the essence of country while you remain close to educational, recreational, and cultural resources. Where traditions are cherished and families come together, the town of Quarryville has all the heart and soul of a true community village. That is why we chose to build our community Quarry Ridge right in the heart of such a quaint peaceful town. We want you to enjoy what we saw from the beginning, country home living in a town solely unique and enchanting in its own way. Only six lots left to build on so if you are looking to build your family’s dream home in this humble community, we are offering you nine models to choose from to fit your every lifestyle. If the quaint vibe of Quarryville is what your family is seeking right now, we have three Quick Delivery purchases. Featuring The Aspen, The Sycamore, and The Weldon you’ll find each home offers something special and unique, and maybe something just right for you!