Building Process

"Pam, Ashley, Emily and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent job that you did in the construction of our new home. We were very impressed with the profesional nature of your employees at every phase of the building process." THE LEATHERS FAMILY

Phase I - Relationships are Important

1. Welcome to the Cedar Knoll Builders Team

  • We are all about relationships here at Cedar Knoll Builders. First and foremost, our homes start with a commitment to you. Not only do we really enjoy getting to know you along with your goals, your needs, and your desired budget; but this meeting is the foundation to building you the home of your dreams. So please, enjoy a cup of coffee with us as we get to hear a little bit of your story and hopes for your future home.

2. Name Your Price

  • Money is never an easy topic of conversation, but this is where in confidence you can tell us what price you are comfortable paying. There are multiple ways to determine your budget. This information is beneficial for both parties because when we get to step four, knowing this information will help determine the right home design to best meet your lifestyle needs.
  • Please submit your initial plan deposit. Please note, this will be credited in your final payment.

3. Choose Your Homesite

  • Will you be choosing from our lots available or do you have a lot already? If you are purchasing a lot, our friends at DelVal Mortgage Company and Anvil Land Transfer can serve all your needs.
  • Every homesite speaks a different story. Each has its own unique characteristics, and depending on the homesite you find most desirable, your floorplan, elevation, and lifestyle needs will depend on an important “Site/Lot Walk” with your assigned Job Site Supervisor.

4. Express Yourself In Your Home

  • Put your stamp on your new home as you choose the style of your home design, layout of the floorplan, and exterior elevations.
  • All the touches that bring your vision and aesthetics to life. If you need a little direction and help, we have a large portfolio of home plans to choose from or you can bring us your design. We also have In-House Designers to help guide you every step of the way.
Phase II - Vision & Aesthetics

1. Plan Design and Selections

  • Present your "wish list". Feel free to bring in your magazine clippings, "napkin" sketches and any ideas you want to incorporate into your new home. You might also find that touring one of our fully decorated model homes will assist in your decision making.
  • Like a jigsaw puzzle, each element of your new home will need to fit together in order to insure the beauty and quality of your desired home. This plan design includes; clippings, sketches, ideas, and most importantly, our in-house Senior Designer who brings to life on paper all of the needed elements needed for your new home.
  • If you are a left-brained or design oriented person, you will thoroughly enjoy this step! If not, no worries, because our Design Center Coordinator will help you all the way. With over 2,000 sq.ft., our on-site Design Center is filled with cabinets options, countertops, flooring, kitchen and bath fixtures, lighting & plumbing, exterior and interior finishes, and hardware selections. It is inevitable that you will begin to get a little antsy and excited to see it all in your new home.

2. Pricing Proposal

  • After your home design has been approved, we will create a complete contract price, which details the room-by-room features you requested and appropriate allowances.

3. Presentation & Contract Signature

  • With the design and contract price complete, we will meet with you to review the details, and sign the contract and building agreement together.

4. Documentation

  • At this point you will need to contact your homeowner’s insurance to insure you’re covered for the value of the contract, with Cedar Knoll Builders listed as “additional insured” during construction.
  • Complete financing approval. We’ll need a copy of your mortgage agreement (if applicable). Please remember we offer the services of DelVal Mortgage Company located in Kennett Square, PA if needed. DelVal Mortgage Company is there to provide you with the best loan programs and most current rates available.
  • Title search of your property. 
  • This step is important because we will need your homesite information; such as a copy of the site plan, well, septic percolation test, and other necessary documents needed to start the permit process allowing us to roll into the construction phase of your home. 
Phase 3 - Time For Those Hard Hats...

1. Pre-Construction

  • This kick-off meeting will be on-site for you to review the marked out stakes of where your home will be situated, trees marked that will need to be removed and get a feel of how the elevation will finish out.

2. Construction

  • During this time, you will be in direct contact with our Job Supervisor. Their job is to accommodate your request as well as make sure your home is built to superb quality.
  • As your home progresses, everyone at Cedar Knoll Builders will continue to work together to ensure your home is built with the highest quality standards and craftsmanship. This exciting process unfolds over a period of 4-6 months and ends with you and your moving van!

3. Site Walk-Thru

  • During construction, you will have the opportunity to walk through your home and see you dream become reality. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the building experience.
  • At the Electrical Walk-Thru you will review the electrical layout of your home to ensure all aspects such as lighting environments, telephone & cable outlets are in your desired locations.

4. Customization

  • We want you to have the freedom to make this your custom home. If there are small changes that you want to make during the construction of your home, contact your Job Supervisor immediately. They will discuss the feasibility of the changes you want to make. When these changes are made, please be aware this will affect the cost and completion date of your home.
Phase 4 - It's Time to Make Our House Your Home...

1. Final Financing Documents

  • A few weeks prior to closing, we start to process your final documents. Final payment in full is required so you can receive your “Use and Occupancy Permit.”

2. Final Walk-Thru

  • When your home is finished, your Job Supervisor and Service Department will take you on a room-by-room tour to demonstrate the quality features and operating procedures for all aspects of your home.
  • Cedar Knoll Builders will provide you with a "Homeowner's Guidebook". This book will tell you everything you need to know about your home. We encourage you to read the contents and ask questions about anything that remains unclear.
  • The home we spend months caring for, is now complete. After the “Final Walk-Thru” you can officially make your house your new home with keys and all.
Phase 5 - Our Commitment to You...

1. 1-Year Warranty

  • You’re not done with us yet! Our 1-year warranty serves as a testament to Cedar Knoll Builders’ commitment to excellence in building and customer satisfaction. Your new home will be warranted for 1 year and our service department will be available for any concerns you may have. After one year, we will walk through the home with you again, taking time to handle any required warranty work, discuss any issues you may have and answer questions you may have.

2. Continued Commitment…

  • Relationships are important to us. Cedar Knoll Builders will be there for you. Even after you’ve moved in, our relationship does not end here. Should you have any questions or concerns, we are just a phone call away!