Meet Our Designer

Barbara Berkowich, Design Center Coordinator

Barb’s story began when she was very little. Her mom said she had a profound love of color and design even as a toddler. She would separate her M&M candies by color before eating them, line her perfume bottles on her dresser, and often be caught looking at her mom’s Southern living Magazine and drooling over the “pretty rooms!"

A trendspotter with an eye for what’s hot and what’s not, Barb is always on the cutting edge of the next big thing.  With an extensive experience in decorating, a degree in Interior Design, coupled with her love of working with people, it’s only natural that she is our Design Center Coordinator. From big decisions to flooring, to the very small ones like door knobs, Barb walks clients through their selections and shares her visionary perspective in a way that keeps them in step with what’s coming next, while creating the home that is perfect for their lifestyle.

When Barb is not at work, you might find her on a soccer field watching her son, or cheering her daughter at a gymnastics competition.  She also enjoys eating out, teaching Sunday School, and scouring the shelves of stores like Home Goods or Consignment stores…looking for that “perfect piece”. In her quiet times, she enjoys a cup of coffee and looking through piles of decorating magazines.

    A Few Helpful Hints from Barb

    When You're Ready to Build Your Home:

    • A picture really is worth a thousand words. When I was building my house, I started a binder and filled it with pictures I had cut out from magazines and brochures. It had everything in it from paint colors and cabinet styles, to built-in's and lighting choices. When I saw something I liked, even if I thought it would be out of my budget, I cut it out. Knowing where your inspiration comes from is a great starting point. We can always get creative with substitutes to help meet budget expectations. Another key here is to reserve a page for those things you do NOT like. Believe it or not, your dislikes help me know what to steer you away from and help us stay on track.
    • Focus on those items that make a huge impact. Flooring is a great starting point. Having few breaks in flooring materials gives the impression that your space is larger. When your flooring breaks from one material to the other, this breaks the "visual flow" and ultimately makes the space feel smaller. Conversely, when your floor continues from room to room, your visual limitation stops at the wall furthest from you. Thus, giving you the impression that you have a more spacious floor plan.
    • Do a drive by. Have you ever been driving around a saw a house that you just absolutely loved? Maybe it had the color scheme you liked, or the garage doors were exactly what you envisioned you wanted for you own home. Or maybe you didn't like the layout but you loved the stone color. Take notes, and if possible, take a picture and add this to your binder. The more ideas you "come-to-the-table" with, the easier it will be for me to help create the home of your dreams.
    • Keep an open mind when you visit the Design Center. You might be surprised at the various selections now offered. It's our job to stay on top of the changing trends and offer our clients the most current materials. We work hard to keep style a high priority while not sacrificing quality. Before you make up your mind, let's explore your options together.
    • Finally, schedule your appointment. The Design Center is open Monday through Friday from 7 AM - 3:30 PM. If you find those hours do not suite your schedule, we aim to please! Appointments can be made to accommodate your schedule. Keep in mind that you will need more than one appointment however. Typically, your first meeting, the Selection Appointment will take 2-3 hours. A follow-up appointment or two allows you to review selections and make any necessary changes before signing off on your selections. Once you have signed off on your options and colors, plans are finalized, there is a blueprint meeting and shortly after your home begins to come to life! From here, sit back and enjoy the journey!
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