Current Project Detail

Willowdale Chapel Addition
West Grove, 19390


Cedar Knoll Builders is excited to announce that Willowdale Chapel in Jennersville, Pennsylvania will be expanding starting the Spring of 2018. Actively growing in new and old members, Cedar Knoll Builders was asked to come alongside Cornerstone Design Architects and work together in building and advancing the kingdom with new and improved renovations that will bring this 2,000 sq. ft. building to full capacity. With over half the building currently sitting empty with unfinished storage, the church’s building plans include extensive renovations for their elementary, middle school and high school programs, enlarging the main worship center, and improving upon their current office space to name a few of the many improvements this community building has in store.


Cedar Knoll is honored to not only work alongside such a great community of believers but also excited to bring this beautiful building to it’s full potential.


Stay tuned for more information and updates once this project is under way! You may also feel free to visit Willowdale Chapel’s website for current updates at




Jennersville Campus Address:

111 Vineyard Way

West Grove, PA 19390